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Rute Andalucia

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Located in the south of the province of Córdoba, on the boundary with the province of Malaga and watered by the rivers Genil, La Hoz and Anzur, lies the village of Rute. An agricultural town with industrial vocation and today it is famous for chocolate and Aniz.

Quick information of Rute:

10.601 residents (2012)


Antequera 48km Malaga 91km Granada 102km Sevilla 177km

91km to Malaga

Health clinic

Municipal pool

Beach 1h

102km to Granada

Shops, Bars, Restaurants

Golf nearby

Bus and train service

177km to Sevilla

Rute Location

Local Information

Rute Coat of Arms
Ayuntamiento de Rute

C/Toledo,2 14960, Rute (Córdoba). Telephone: 957 376 001 Fax: 957532714


Town Hall, Rute

Rute information

Located 90 km from Cordoba city, Jaen and Malaga, Its main source of economy is the agriculture, the farming of olive trees. It is a large town referred to by locals as a mountain village with the feature of having one of the biggest reservoirs in the region. The weather is typically Mediterranean although hotter in summer and colder in winter, with rainy springs and short autumns.

Rute has historicals links since the Neolitic period, La Cueva Negra. There are the remains of a castle from the Muslim period in a village of Roman origins, Cisimbrum, Zambra; El Canuto, is a watch tower from the Muslim period and Rute Viejo an old city from mid thirteenth century. Apart from all the churches, the Town Hall has old houses since 16th century.

The history of Rute has been outstanding because of its position in the boundaries of two different regions. In the Middle Ages, the region of Granada and the region of Cordoba, very frequently changed governors in short time periods.

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Town Hall, Rute Rute bridge View of Rute Rute square

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