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Encinas Reales Andalucia

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The town of Encinas Reales is located south of the province of Córdoba, 78 kms from the capital. The municipality consists of two cores, Encinas Reales and Vadofresno village, nestled in the margin of Genil River, about 7 kms of Encinas Reales.

Quick information of Encinas Reales:

2.391 residents (2012)


Antequera 37km Malaga 77km Granada 119km Sevilla 184km

77km Malaga

Health clinic

Municipal pool


119km Granada

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Bus station

184km Sevilla

Encinas Reales Location

Local Information

Encinas Reales Coat of Arms
Ayuntamiento de Encinas Reales

Plaza De La Democracia s/n, 14913 Encinas Reales(Córdoba) Telephone: 957 - 59 71 28 / 957 - 59 71 34

Town Hall, Encinas Reales

Encinas Reales information

Situated at 445 m altitude, Encinas Reales enjoys a privileged geographic location, and you could say it is close to any Andalusian capital. Thus, from Encinas Reales takes just under two hours to get to Seville, about 50 minutes to get to Malaga, 1 hour to Granada, and 1 ½ to reach Jaen.

With this site, Encinas Reales is the ideal location to become the holiday destination: will offer the tranquility and hospitality of a village with just over 2,400 inhabitants, the natural beauty of its landscapes and the comfort of a municipality with a solid infrastructure network that will allow you to easily get to any point of Andalusia.

Castle Encinas Reales

Encinas Reales is a young town that was born as such in 1836, when it broke away from Lucena. Its origins date back to the seventeenth century and Roman remains found in Las Mersillas tell us about its ancient past. Thus, the houses began to be constructed in its present location by the early seventeenth century. The first inhabitants of Encinas Reales Lucena farmers who came to work the fields of the Dukes of Medinaceli so that the residents of the new village would not have to go Lucena to meet the Holy Mother Church. Works on the town must have been slow, because it was not completed until 1814, almost two centuries after the start. The ancient oaks were places, hence the name, but the original was Encinas sparse, which suggests that these trees were widely spaced or sparse. The reason for this aspect so spread is due to the continuous logging of these nuclei of oaks during the wars of Christians against Muslims in the region of Granada. Over time the town achieved Royal status, which gives the town more rank and importance and which relates a legend about how Doña Isabella, going on a trip, rested in the shade of some large oaks that were there.

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