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Buy The Right Property - Don't Get Misled

By Jack Parker

We human beings have lot of aspirations and dreams in life which we want to fulfill in this small life. In the list of dreams what usually tops the list is the wish to have a beautiful house. Yes we all at some point in our life desires to own a house and design it the way we want. So why not to give some time to your biggest ever dream. Home buying is not an easy task. One really goes through a lot of turmoil during this property dealing process. But all is worth if results are satisfying. The right real estate professional can help you make good business decisions based on your personal circumstances.

  • Your first step in this real estate deal is to investigate as this is the mistake most of the buyers do, they don't investigate. So as now you know then don't commit this mistake. Check for CC&R's, Rules and Regulation and Association Fees.
  • Don't go too fast or too slow for property purchase. Don't even jump to first home you see, at least see 5-8 properties before going for the final deal. With the help of your real estate agent you can see as many properties as you feel.
  • The right team is a must to succeed in the property deal. So choose the right lender and agent.
  • Don't get influenced by the furnishings and the decorations of the property. Let the owner's furniture left to him only. Think of a vacant property.
  • Discuss frankly your income and living expenses with your real estate professional so that he judge your requirement and can help you better for that suitable purchase. Keep your future responsibilities in proper consideration including children, services and other expenses.
  • Before you sigh the final deal check all the expenses and costs involved. Check for the insurance, taxes, other home owner dues.
  • Check for all the general utilities like electricity, security, water, gas.
  • All the promises made by the owner in the dealing process should be in writing. Don't go for verbal promises as they have no significance.

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