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Moving To Spain

By Allison Thompson

So you are looking to emigrate. Spain may a good choice, the warmer climate, lower cost of living, and as part of the EU there is no points system in place if you have or are entitled to a passort from a member country.

However, if you are looking to move to Spain, how would you go about it? Some people suggest that you take a holiday in an area that you would like to live or have experience of, and whilst there look for some where to live. However this results in a lot of new residents living on the coast. Spain has much more to offer the potential resident than just the coastal resorts. In addition to the coastal areas there are the towns (urbanizations) the countryside (campo), mountains and lakes.

Maybe the best way of finding what you really want from your move to Spain is firstly to come on holiday. Preferably choose a central location don't limit yourself to one of the coastal resorts. There is so much more on offer to you inland as well. Once you have arrived, get settled in for the first few days, take it easy and when you are ready then start venturing further a field, away from the confines of the hotel.

Whilst in Spain on holiday try and contact some people who have already taken up residency, the best place to start would be any bars or restaurants that are run by people who have already emigrated. They will usually know all the right people to talk to and even provide you with details of any clubs or facilities that you maybe looking for. They will also be able to give you the information you may need regarding schools and medical facilities etc.

Once you have found an area you would like to move to, then the next step is contact estate agents. There are many Estate Agents in every area some of which have lots of experience of dealing with new residents and can advise you of the pitfalls and problems you are likely to face.

It is also a good idea to contact local rental agencies, as it is often a good idea to rent a house for a few months while you are looking for a local property, it also provides you with a chance to decide whether a move to Spain is the right move for you before you commit all your money to buying a property.

Finally, enjoy your time in Spain, whether it be for a holiday or the rest of your life.

About The Author

Allison Thompson, living in Spain and partner in small and friendly real estate company.

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