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Montillana is located in Granada Region , Andalucia

Montillana is a small town in the province of Granada. It is located closer to Jaén, on the border of the province. Although it is placed around a thousand metres above sea level, its houses stand on a spacious plain. The centre of the town is dominated by the tower of the church, whose Patron Saint is Santa Ana.


Quick information of Montillana Andalucía:


1207 residents




Antequera 137km Málaga 164km Granada 55km Sevilla 288km


57km to Malaga


Health clinic


Municipal pool


Beach 1h 30min


54km to Granada


Shops, Bars, Restaurants


Golf nearby


Bus and train service


248km to Sevilla


Montillana Andalucía Location


Local Information

Montillana Coat of Arms Properties for sale Andalucia Granada

Ayuntamiento de Montillana

Plaza de Andalucía, s/n, 18569 Montillana (Granada)  Telephone: 958-392-101  Web:


Montillana Information

There are no remains from Prehistoric times, what is sure is that Montillana was already  a town during the Arab era. Due to its location on the border of the province, the town suffered a great harassment by Christian knights who were settled in Baeza.

Montillana Town Properties for sale Andalucia Granada

Montillana was conquered by the Christian Monarchs on their way to Granada. During the XVI century, there were some Muslim rebellions that only finished when all the Muslims were expelled from the town.

Since that time Montillana was part of the town of Colomera, until the 19th  century when the town was segregated from Colomera and was declared a town on its own.



Feria Virgen del Rosario.It is celebrated on the 7th of August. Some days before, lots of sporting and cultural events take place in the town and also games for children. There is a procession during the evening .

Día de la Cruz. It is celebrated on the 3rd of May. People from the town meet together around different crosses that are located in different streets and in the square.

Virgen de la Candelaria. It takes place 2nd February. People from the town gather  around bonfires to sing and dance until the dawn. The origin of this festivity is in the ancient belief that on this night bad spirits can be burned.

Festividad Virgen del Rosario. On the 7th of October, the festivity of the Virgen del Rosario is celebrated throughout  the whole day.

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