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Pruna is located in Sevilla Region , Andalucia

Pruna is a lovely town placed on the top of a hill. This is why it is called “La atalaya de Sevilla” (the window of Sevilla). Here, you can visit the old castle from the Arab era, Castle of Hierro.


Quick information of Pruna Andalucía:


2664 residents




Antequera 80km Málaga 114km Granada 178Km Sevilla 95km Cordoba 136Km


107km to Malaga


Health clinic


Municipal pool


Beach 1 h 45 min


158km to Granada


Shops, Bars, Restaurants


Golf nearby


Bus and train service


96km to Sevilla


Pruna Andalucía Location


Local Information

Escudo Pruna Coat of Arms Sevilla Andalucia

Ayuntamiento de Pruna

Address: Plaza de la Constitución, s/n. 41670 Pruna (Sevilla) Telephone: 954-858-307  Web:


Pruna landscape Sevilla Andalucia


Pruna Information   

After the Battle of the Guadalete, year 711, Muslims took over the Visigothic Hispania and the location of Pruna became an “alquería”- a rural village - belonging to the Emirate of Córdoba and then it was part of the Califato Omeya de Cordoba

After the fall of the Califato de Córdoba, the Reinos de Taifas appeared and Pruna was integrated into the Taifa of Sevilla, which was conquered by the Castilian King Fernando III el Santo in 1248, becoming part of the Reino de Castilla.

 Pruna Sevilla Andalucia Tower

In 1250 the sultan of the Taifa of Granada, Mohammed Abu Abdallad ben Yusuf, founder of the Nazari dynasty, conquered Pruna temporarily for the Kingdom of Granada.

In 1256 the son and successor of Fernando III, Alfonso X the Wise, by the act of the Repartimiento of Seville orders to Gonzalo de Vicente, alcaide of Seville, to give the locality to the military Order of Calatrava for the defense of the border with the Reino Nazarí de Granada. They couldn’t succeed and the town was recovered by Muslims.

During centuries, as Pruna was placed on the border of the Muslim Kingdom, it changed occupation between Christians and Muslims many times. In 1407, Pruna finally became a Christian town.

 Pruna church Sevilla Andalucia


Romería de la Pura y Limpia Concepción. Pilgrimage of the Virgen. People from the town go on pilgrimage to the country, and they enjoy the day with family and friends. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

Feria de Agosto. This fair is celebrated the last week of August. During 3 days there are lots of cultural and sporting events in the town. 

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